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  • Mechanical harvesting system using olive shakers when the fruit is at the optimal ripeness

  • Immediate selection and transportation to the oil mill after harvesting, ensuring the integrity of the olives

  • Elimination of impurities using cold water

  • Cold milling through mechanical processes on the same day of the collection of the olives to ensure the highest quality of the oil

  • Storage in stainless steel tanks to prevent the oil from oxidizing.





Producing quality olive oil begins in the fields and is the excellence is determined by a combination of factors: environment (climate and soil), genetics (variety of olives) and cultivation (growing techniques).


But it does not stop there—the highest standards must be maintained throughout all the processing stages including in the packaging. 





We carry out a meticulous production process:


The harvested olive varieties are:


Picual produces an olive oil with great stability and strength, characterized by an intense bitter base note and a distinct spicy flavor taste. 


Arbequina produces a softer olive oil characterized by a fresh and fruity taste.





Las 7 Encinas is an all-natural product, as the oil is extracted exclusively using a mechanical olive milling process.


We thoroughly control the products used for cultivation, taking into fully consideration their environment, furthermore all of our containers are recyclable.


Our oil has a maximum acidity of 0.2%.


The origin of the olives is guaranteed using the HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) standard, which ensures the source of the olives.




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